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Since 2002 our book and team has earned us inclusion into the prestigious "Who's Who In Business Directory".

This honor lets our customers know that we are a legitimate organization.

This billing book has also earned The Work At Home Books Award in recognition of it’s clear and useful content regarding starting a home based medical billing business.

The Medical Billing Beginners Book is a complete step-by-step reference guide to properly starting a home based medical billing business and is NOT to be construed as being a medical billing course.
Online Medical Billing Courses, Training Programs, Etc., How Do You Choose The Right One?

Now that you have decided that being a medical biller or home based medical billing business owner is what you really want to be or do your next step is to:

Research online medical billing training courses that will give you a great education, a certificate of completion, is convenient for you take, is reasonable in price and most importantly will allow you to sit-take-and pass the nationally recognized CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional) exam.

What Makes Me An Expert & Why Should You Follow My Advice?

Hi, I'm Paul and I've been in the medical billing, coding and transcription industry for 12+ years.

I have taught hundreds of people how to enter into the workplace as qualified medical billers, coders and transcriptionists.

I am a sought after practice management consultant of medical practices, dental offices, hospitals and clinics of all sizes in and outside the great state of New York.

In between doing that, I take the time to give back to these industry's by mentoring and training those seeking to properly start open and operate their own home based medical billing and transcription businesses because that's where I got my start back in 1998.

As of April 2010 I am the published author of the #1 selling $27 - 108 page downloadable and fully printable, 20 step guide to starting a home based medical billing business entitled the "Medical Billing Home Business Bible". If you would rather order the 178 page "Soft Cover Version" you can find it at

Lastly, I have earned my trust, respect and expert status within these industries because I only give truthful advice about each field and because of that I am referenced all over the internet from medical related websites, work from home websites, article directories to billing-coding-MT forums and that's why...

My business clients, peers and book customers dub me "The Medical Billing, Coding and Transcription Mastermind".

So Who Do I Pick As The Best Online Medical Billing Training Course Of 2016?

Well, in order to base my conclusion on and not be biased toward any particular school or program I first had to:

Take alot of courses over the past few years,

I had to speak with hundreds of students from all levels of the courses I took,

I had to speak with hundreds of course alumni,

I had to speak with every course owner and the instructors I didn't have during my training session,

I took into consideration the price I paid for the education compared to what I actually learned while I was enrolled, and lastly,

I evaluated how well the course prepared me to take one of the few medical billing certification exams and if they assisted me in scheduling the time and place where I would take the exam (the majority of courses failed when it came to this aspect.)

As Of September 2015, I Have Taken And Reviewed 37 Online Medical Billing Training Courses But ONLY 2 Have Lived Up To All The Points I Previously Mentioned!

Before I get to which 2 online 4-6-8 or 12 week medical billing training programs I refer all the students I mentor too, here's the top 8 reasons why I do:


1) Both Are Comprehensive And Interactive So You Won't Get Bored,


2) The Instructors, Moderators and Owners Are Experienced, Professional Medical Billers And Medical Billing Business Owners,


3) You Can Complete Each Chapter/Module At Your Own Pace (most complete the medical billing course in 4, 6 or 8 weeks),


4) The 1st training course costs between $180 - $699 depending on the option you choose ($699 Deluxe Program, $599 Complete Program, $499 Employment Program (and you only need to complete chapters 1-7), and the, $180 Pay-As-You-Go Program (which includes your enrollment fee and chapter 1 of the course. When you are ready to move on to any of the other chapters you pay $70 for each one until you complete them all),


5) The 2nd training course costs between $329 - $999 depending on the option you choose ($999 10 Course Bundle #1 Program, $799 8 Course Bundle #2 Program, $329 3 Course Bundle #3 Program. What makes this course MORE SPECIAL TO ME IS - unlike all the other online programs this is the ONLY one that is constantly updated (daily & weekly) on the fly by the instructors as things change in the industry! So my students are learning what is actually happening today instead of having to take refresher courses to stay abreast of the ever-changing rules, regulations, policy and reimbursement procedures,


6) Both Are Very Reputable, Well Know Online Medical Billing Schools With Great Standings At The Better Businesses Bureau,


7) Both Medical Billing Training Courses Consist Of 9 - 10 Online Interactive Chapters Of Learning Material,


8) Both Give You A Diploma/Certificate Once You Complete All The Course Modules To Verify Your Newly Acquired Skills,


I could go on for days as to why these are my favorite online medical billing training courses, lolWhat you must do right now is, visit the websites yourself and you'll know deep down which one is right for you and your budget!


Medical Billing Course #1  or  Medical Billing Course #2


PLEASE NOTE: Some of my students have asked if I can refer them to a reputable online medical coding/billing course instead of just medical billing training because they were looking to gain employment within a hospital, clinic, insurance company, etc. If you need this information click the link below and see which online coding course I endorse:


#1 Online Medical Coding/Billing Course

PLEASE NOTE: This review is a condensed version of my original findings which is way - way more in-depth. I shortened it because I am in the process of moving this entire website to a new domain on the web and since there are almost 300 links already pointing to this page from several major medical billing associations I didn't want to leave those that need the help hanging until the Medical Billing Business HQ website gets a make-over for 2016.


Nonetheless, I hope you at least learned how someone in-the-know would go about evaluating potential online certification courses before deciding to enroll.


Here Is To Your Success In 2016,

Paul G. Hackett

"The Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription Mastermind"

Stelo Medical Management Consultants
90-39 179 Place
Queens, NY 11432


steloinfo {{at}} yahoo {{dot}} com

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